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PITU/FourPoints Health Coronavirus Vaccination Plan

In adherence with the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) priority distribution guidelines.

Please review all of the information on this page, and then call the nearest FourPoints Health clinic to schedule your vaccine.

Anticipated Timeline for Vaccine Distribution

  1. Mid-December: Phase 1a
  2. Late December-January: Phase 1a-1b
  3. January-February: Phase 1c
  4. February-July: Phase 2-3

Phase 1
(very limited doses available)

Priority Populations:

  1. Phase 1a Tribal healthcare workers and Tribal members residing in Long-term care facilities
  2. Phase 1b = all remaining Phase 1a populations, all Tribal members aged ≥75 years and tribal members or tribal staff who are frontline essential workers (e.g., firefighters, police, education sector, food & agriculture, manufacturing, correctional officers, transit workers, grocery store workers, PITU language speakers, culture & tradition keepers, etc)
  3. Phase 1c = All remaining Phase 1a-b populations, all Tribal members aged ≥55 years, tribal members aged 18–64 years with high-risk medical conditions, and other essential workers not recommended in Phase 1a-b.

Phase 2

(Larger number of doses likely available, but supply may still not meet demand) 

Priority Populations:

  1. Remainder of phase 1 populations
  2. All remaining Tribal members (and their households) and other Purchased Referred Care (PRC) eligible AI/AN residing in the PITU service area
  3. All remaining patients of the Tribe’s FourPoints Health clinics desiring vaccination

Phase 3

(Supply likely to exceed demand) – Shift to routine vaccination strategy

Priority Populations:

All remaining persons and populations desiring vaccination ages 12 and older